TFRbiggestfan - How To Abuse A Woman In 9 Minutes

Now here is an album I was excited to download and review...not knowing what to expect...Perhaps, I got a little too excited and wet from the title of this album or could it have been from the request of an old come get chained up and abused in a dungeon. Fuck the thoughts of producing pornographic scenes like Marco Malattia and my favorite model Helga Retard...seem so intriguing...if only I was so brave.


Fuck sorry I seriously went off


This album is okay but in needs of duct tape and a ball gag...the degrading and the abuse was not enough for my liking...I don't want to hear what she likes....I just want to hear her scream in agony from brutal ecstasy.


The music was good but as a girl that enjoys the fun of a server abuse session from my own experiences begging for mercy and doing as don’t tell your abuser what you like you do as you are told and cry in brutal agony.


I am not here to promote abuse of women and will be the first to stab a motherfucker in the eye or throat (if I happen to miss to the eye) a dominatrix role playing session is fun and a way to spice up the fun in a boring relationship...fuck if only I learned this in my (yeah I’m talking to you).


And even though I complained about this needing a ball gag the artwork/booklet of course shows it, well done Vaginal Cadaver.


Enjoy this album!!! Don’t get offended it’s just an album, enjoy the art.


by TFRbiggestfan